Vegetation Management

LiDAR and Satellite data are pretty but how do I cut trees with it?

Treewise was founded by Martin Stanley and started its journey as a vegetation management company but quickly realised that the process could be improved by utilising technology more efficiently. The catalyst question was “LiDAR data is really pretty, but how do I cut trees with it?”

The strategic approach to partner with Arbonaut resulted in the development of aligning suitable practitioner based methodologies of using tree assets and a GIS platform to utilise LiDAR data to create digital twins and risk profiling that would enable vegetation management operations to be intelligently planned and executed saving operators money, enhancing services and improving the environment.

Treewise is committed to building on 30 years environmental management experience in arboriculture to develop sustainable solutions for its customers that not only protect vital services but also to provide continual environmental improvement that enhances all of our lives and provides for a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Treewise offers a set of solutions for managing risk and maintaining services for critical infrastructure:

growth modelling application that can be applied to a cross section of sectors such as power transmission and distribution; water, rail, telecommunications and insurance. Helping to reverse the impact of climate change and global warming is a vital approach that Treewise invests across all its activities. Working closely with partner organisation CO2Apps UK, is a good example of a successful collaboration using a Circular Economy to deliver 100% CO2 sequestration and net zero operations, not just for Treewise but for all its customers too. To find out more about CO2Apps UK, click here –

We also work with a variety of different organisations such as environmental agencies, universities and regulators to share current thinking, new technologies and develop solutions to promote environmental and biodiversity net gain.

Our Mission

To provide solutions to the suppliers of services that optimise their ability to understand and proactively manage nature’s risks and challenges in satisfying the needs of their consumers.

Our Vision

To work with nature to ensure we can all rely on the services we need for our everyday lives.


We are committed to making the world a better place for us, our children and our grandchildren. We approach our work from an environmental standpoint using more than thirty years’ experience managing vegetation to develop products and services that improve people’s lives without compromising our natural assets. Our vision is globally inclusive with our solutions helping our customers contribute to reducing climate change impacts and improving the environment and biodiversity wherever we operate.


Our innovative approach to managing trees as assets enables owners of linear infrastructure to ensure network security and enhance the natural value – the Green Balance Sheet - of their route corridors. We do this by combining technology with know-how to provide arborists with modern, flexible decision-support tools that identify and balance vegetation risks to infrastructure e.g. transport and power/telecoms with the environmental opportunities along their Rights of Way which also support the Circular Economy by demonstrably reducing both maintenance costs and CO2 emissions by c. 50% whilst improving network resilience. Uniquely, Treewise embraces and delivers innovation that enables customers to demonstrably manage vegetation risk appropriately and sympathetically, reduce carbon emissions and improve environmental and biodiversity Net Gain.

Operational Efficiency

Treewise can deliver up to 50% cost savings (of total tree management costs)

Increased Compliance

Our in field auditing solution ensures that vegetation status is updated in real time providing the compliance data you need.

Reduction in penalties

Our proactive approach to decision support and prioritised work order management helps ensure service availability and reduces the likelihood of regulatory penalties.

Environmental Management

Our decision support and management services ensure utility corridors are managed sustainably and continually provide environmental and biodiversity Netgain

Meet the Team

Martin Stanley

Founder & SME

Martin, or Stan as he is known, has 20 over years of experience in the Arboriculture industry. His practitioner-based experience working vegetation management in the electricity sector allowed Stan to develop and patent suitable methodologies for vegetation management in the ever-changing environment we live into day. Stan has had lifelong interest in arboriculture and spent the past five years researching and developing tools that blends new technology with practical requirements for field crews. Stan’s pioneering practitioner-based work with the European Space Agency exploring geospatial remote sensing of vegetation allowed Stan to incorporate safety, climate change, environmental and sustainable targets into a ‘tree asset’ based approach to vegetation management. Stan has presented on the international vegetation conference circuit and has created a number of patents for practical use in the service and utility sector including a risk management algorithm and a pole strengthening system.

"As founder of Treewise, it has allowed me to work with a multi-disciplined team that will bring to market the solid basics of good tree management that safely and efficiently keep the lights on for homes and business. The highly skilled team will help me deliver vegetation management programmes that leave a gentle footprint on our environment.”

Dave Chesney


Dave is an engineer and former business leader in Power and Rail contracting. A highly successful Operational Director with a 30+ year record in leading sustainable growth, through developing and deploying strategy and building winning collaborative teams. Provides governance and business acumen.
“I see the adoption of "Trees as assets" as a simple and brilliant step change. It enables efficient collaboration between the competing challenges of infrastructure safety and route corridor environmental estate management. Thus, it unlocks operational efficiency and drives the circular economy approach which benefits us all.”

Ben Wyatt


Ben is a seasoned entrepreneur with many successful company start-ups behind him where he has driven commercialisation and growth. An experienced Commercial Director and IPR consultant Ben knows how to back a good horse. As he says…
“By reframing the way vegetation is managed around vital infrastructure and looking at “trees as assets” Treewise is revolutionising the industry for the benefit of all stakeholders and the planet itself.
The habitats and ecosystems that exist around vital infrastructure such as power lines, rail and roads have traditionally been seen as “Problem Vegetation” rather than an opportunity to enhance customer experience, to create vital habitats and corridors for flora and fauna and to create unique and valuable vegetation resources. Treewise is at the forefront of this important step change. “

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